About Us

Many people had a hand in creating this project and we'd like to blame thank the following for their help:

Ben Jackson

Ben's MugshotBen is just another geek from Massachusetts. He spends his days doing InfoSec stuff, generally breaking things, and being relentlessly yet constructively paranoid for a large public sector organization in southern New England. In his spare time he enjoys being a husband and dad and messing around with computers, VoIP, analog telephones, amateur radio, and generally anything with a button on it. Ben was the lead author for "Asterisk Hacking" from Syngress Publishing and has spoken at DEFCON, HOPE, SOURCE Boston, QuahogCon, and various other conferences. Ben strongly dislikes writing about himself in the third person. Find him on Twitter as @innismir

Larry Pesce

Larry's Mugshot Larry is a Senior Security Consultant with NWN Corporation based in Waltham, MA. Larry also diverts a significant portion of his attention with PaulDotCom Enterprises, PaulDotCom Enterprises, and leads the research efforts in many areas, including projects such as "Evil" USB thumb drives, hiding rogue access points, and tinkering with wireless, RFID, Cellular SIM cards and metadata. Together Paul and Larry co-authored "Linksys WRT54G Ultimate Hacking" from Syngress Publishing, and Larry has also presented at Shmoocon 4 and DEFCON 16, and was a contributing author to "How to Cheat at Configuring Open Source Security Tools" and "Wireshark and Ethereal" from Syngress Publishing. A graduate of Roger Williams University in Computer Information Systems, Larry is currently exploring his options for graduate education. In addition to his industry experience, Larry is also a Security Evangelist and co-host for the PaulDotCom Security Weekly podcast at pauldotcom.com

Mayhemic Labs

Mayhemic Labs is an independent security research team whose primary goal is "to do cool stuff." Among their specialties are vulnerability and malware research, penetration testing, reverse engineering, breaking fault tolerant systems, cloud security, static software analysis, code development, surveillance and counter-surveillance, and business logic attacks. More about their projects can be found at mayhemiclabs.com

Special Thanks

We would also like to thank and send a shout out to Johannes Ullrich from SANS for his work on TwitPic and EXIF data

How did you find me?

Did you know that a lot of smart phones encode the location of where pictures are taken? Anyone who has a copy can access this information.

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Help me fix this!

Disabling Geo-Tagging on your phone is easy. Check our list of common phones.

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